Herbert Bruce

"Passed peacefully away on  December 23, 2018 our dear brother Herb G. Bruce Jr (1957-2018), a very dear friend. Predeceased by his parents Herbert and Margaret, and sisters Maureen and Glenys. A brother to Gloria (Leo), Linda (Eric), Ken (Marilyn), and brother-in-law Mac; Uncle to David, Julie, Patrick, Michael, Jeffrey, Kaley, and Tyler;  and an appreciative neighbor to all his friends around Guy Street and Jerseyside. He loved and respected nature while sharing his passion for fishing and conservation in our rivers and ponds. So when the Atlantic Salmon start their swim upstream to return home this spring, we will host a celebration to honour Herbie's life, especially the big fishing stories. We hope you will join us then to wish Herb Jr well on his new migration in life. Note that Herbie has requested cremation in the meantime until the ponds clear, and that "big one" takes his favourite fly."



Solitary Lines
To my brother Herb

The course seems before us then sooner far behind,
Leaving - maybe - a partial path to remember us all in time,
And the trail too will eventually out grow its colour,
Move to a new purpose, and phrase or fervour.

My brother can see so clear around the coloured charms of life,
Hinged and maybe tethered as old ways were uphold and often too tight,
But he forged ahead to overcome and be bold,
Finding the natural way to wisdom that he eventually foretold.

The rod and reel gave him the freedom to true life,
As the universe blended his heart to the beating water's delight,
His finger's near the spool could feel the fresh breath of warm life,
That he cherished and listened to find peace from our overplaced strife.

Talk a stroll with Herb in the Mountain Woods of sweet pines,
And you will feel the moist glistening earth all around your fresh shine,
Then wet a line to beam through your watering eyes,
And our brother will smile to know you  have found that solitary fullness of life's enjoy.


written by:  Kenneth  G. Bruce, December 23, 2018